Ulcerative Colitis Case Study Essay

This paper explores a case study about a patient namely Ms.V. She is a 35 year old underweight
White American, who had recurrent respiratory infection, MsV has been admitted to the hospital
Due to her symptoms; after a biopsy she has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This paper Discusses the etiology as well as medications for low potassium, ulcerative colitis Also,
Alternative medicine as well as patient’s education are included.

(1) Imbalanced nutrition less than body requirement related to decreased absorption as evidenced by weight loss related to impaired absorption and diarrhea. By looking to MsV 5’10’ and 120 weight which is underweight, disturbed body image related to diarrhea this puts her at an increased risk to have a low self-esteem , also blood result, Potassium 2.6 which in the low side . (NIH) highlight that normal range is 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L.
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there are two type of barium enemas in a single contrast study and a double –contrast or air contrast study which M V had experienced ( web md) ,An endoscopy is a procedure in which doctor uses specialized instrument flexible tube with light and camera , view digestive tract ,and operate if needed ,( Medscape ) .The diagnosis of ulcerative colitis is best made with endoscopy. Endoscopically, ulcerative colitis is characterized by abnormal erythematous mucosa, with or without ulcerations, extending from the rectum to part or all of the colon. The inflammation is uniform, without intervening areas of normal mucosa, while skip lesions tend to characterize Crohn disease. Contact bleeding may also be observed, with mucus identified in the lumen of the bowel (Medscape). Which M V went through all of this investigation provided the definitive diagnosis of ulcerative colitis for M

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