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In chapter one, when Julio and his friends are promoted, what does that mean.
Promoted means to advance to the next level.
If Julio was going to interview his mother and grandmother, what would he do?
Julio would ask them questions to learn more about them.
What is a murmur?
A murmur is a low, mumbled sound of speech.
When Julio wants to help his friend, Lucas, with his campaign for class president, what does the noun campaign mean?
It means that a campaign is a plan or method to obtain votes for an election.
Lucas, Cricket, and Julio all campaign. What does the verb mean?
Campaign as a verb, means to support or work so that someone will win an election.
What does gestured mean?
Gestured is an action or body movement that indicates an idea or feeling.
Julio took his classmates'teasing good- naturedly. What does this mean?
Good-naturedly means done with a pleasant cheeriness.
Mrs. Sanchez discarded items left in rooms at the motel where visitors stayed. What did she do?
If she discarded something she threw it away or removed it.
If the students chorused their answer to the teacher's question, what did they do?
It means they replied together as a group; all at once.
The election for class president must not become a popularity contest. What does popularity mean?
Popularity is describing that a person is commonly liked by many people.
What is potential?
Potential is what is possible or capable of becoming something real.
What does it mean if Arthur Lewis sees a haze when looking without his glasses?
It means that he does not see clearly.
His vision is blurry and cloudy.
What does exaggerated mean?
Exaggerated means that the truth has been stretched beyond belief.
What did it mean that Arthur's clock operated counter-clockwise?
It meant that the hands moved opposite or backwards from the way a normal clock does.
What is cellophane paper?
Cellophane is thin see-through material
used for wrapping.
In making brownies, Julio didn't think adding nuts to the recipe was optional.
He liked nutty brownies, so what does optional mean?
Optional means having a choice.
What is a peephole?
A peephole is a small hole in a door that allows one to look through for a peek or small view.
Mr. Flores played a chord on the guitar. What did he do?
He played a musical sound by touching the strings.
The water fountain had a spigot. What is a spigot?
A spigot is a faucet or spout.
The profits of the bake sale could be donated to charity. What does charity mean?
Charity means giving to others that are poor or needy.
Lucas surprised Julio with a nomination for him to become class president. What is a nomination?
A nomination is an act of selecting someone to be considered for election.
What does the adjective miniature mean?
Miniature describes something smaller or tinier than a larger version.
Julio was supervising the activities of two small twin brothers. What was he doing?
Supervising means that Julio was watching or keeping care over the twins.
The candidate, Lucas Cott did not really want to be class president. What is a candidate?
A candidate is a person who runs for office in an election.
Lucas had confidence in Julio, that Julio needed in himself. What is confidence?
Confidence is a feeling of trust or belief in another.
Lucas chose to withdraw from the race for class president. What did he do?
To withdraw means to take back or retreat, so Lucas decide to drop out of the election.