Racial Deformity In The Ordinary Boy By August Pullman

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August Pullman only desire to be a normal ordinary boy entering fifth grade, but he has a facial deformity that most people find repulsive. He suffered from 27 severe craniofacial surgeries at birth. Despite his many facial surgeries, he doesn’t look or will ever be normal. This is an inspiring story of a boy, his family, his schoolmates, and principal and how they adjust to August deformity and his attempt to be a normal fifth grade student at Beecher Prep Middle School.
In August English class, his teacher Mr. Browne had written on the chalkboard in big letters, P-R-E-C-E-P-T, which he asked every student to write down on their paper; Mr. Browne asked if anyone knew what the word precept meant. No one raised their hands, so Mr. Browne said
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Before this whole thing, during Halloween Jack said that he was only friends with August because the principal assigned him to befriend August, and he told Julian that he ever looked like August he would kill himself. August overheard everything, and decided not to ever talk to Jack again. So, during science class, he wanted to be August partner, but August refused. At this moment, Jack realizes that he lost a really good friend besides his facial deformity; he wanted to be friends with August again. He proved how much he wanted their friendship back when Julian was being a bully by saying August was a freak. Jack was furious enough to punch him in the face. Although punching someone is never okay, but the principle of Jack’s reasoning to punch Julian in standing up for August was powerful. Jack wanted Julian to stop being a bully towards August, so by solidifying the punch he wanted to be friends with August again. After this whole ordeal they are friends …show more content…
As a special education teacher, I always believe in my students because when they shine they’re radiate brighter than anyone will ever know. As I am in the ISE program, I was always listening and learning to what the professors had to teach and from just working hard in each course that I took, I realized that my professors saw my uniqueness in my coursework. Even though I wasn’t always the loudest in the class, I radiated in the classroom by expressing myself in my writing or personally talking to the professors. In the ISE Program the professors were always there for me, and they showed how much they cared and believed in me. Also, in the ISE program professors all had aligned objectives throughout the program it was always about including everyone and giving students the opportunity to shine. I feel that the program helped shaped my character and build my confidence in teaching students with

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