What Is My Writing Experience Essay

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Through out most people 's primary American education, writing has become an extremely begrudging task. I can personally attest to that felling, teachers hold a lot of power, they can either make it easy for students to fall in love with a subject, or ruin it for them forever. In my writing experience I have had my fair share of teachers doing the latter. From writing dozens "mementos" for my senior memory book, to writing dry papers for standardized state tests year after year, it 's easy to see why writing can leave a sour taste in many people 's mouths.
In Texas, children take their first standardized tests in third grade. We spend all year preparing as if our entire self worth hinged on whether or not we got commended on a two paged paper
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We were trained into thinking that you need to write as fast as you can and as much as you can, in order to receive the best score possible. This instilled in us the idea that you could forget about punctuation, basic sentence structure, and make common grammatical mistakes. This careless thinking lead to discomfort in students as they progressed to the next grade, because once we hit high school we suddenly became aware that teachers were less accepting out sub par writing abilities.
As a result, my high school english experience was often repetitive, we would spend weeks on how to properly use commas and semi-colons, and the difference between to, too, and two. These common things that we should have learned during elementary
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Hicks’s efforts to make this project more interesting, the assignment still reminded me of the bleak prompts given to us during elementary school, once again we were stuck doing another assignment, that neither perked our intrest or bettered out academic writing abilities. This assignment showed me that the “hurry up and get it done” tactic had trickled down all the way into high school. Most of us, including myself, made up a majority of the mementos and just attached random objects to our short essays. This took the fun out of writing, you are supposed to put time and effort into your writings, yet my fellow students and I just slopped some words on a page to get the simple completion grade. This was something we conditioned for, to just churn out papers without really taking the time to even understand what we have

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