Personal Narrative-Exploring English Writing In The Classroom

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How are you doing? I know you must be surprised to see a letter from me because we haven’t had much contact since I graduated from middle school. Do you still remember me, the conceited student who appeared to be so bored of your class but enjoyed talking with his neighbors even sitting in the front roll? Admittedly, I had to apologize for being a troublemaker who always made your class noisy, but thank you for your tolerance and patience, I have gradually become more well-mannered and learned not to be too harsh on others’ misconduct. With my diligence and determination, I always had the highest English grade in exams, which indeed drove me to become more complacent with the grammars and materials you taught in class.
At the time, I regarded English writing as a two-step process: form a draft in Chinese and translate it into English. I began my English writing career with a great start and gained a lot of confidence from your class.
Out of the classroom, you seemed more like a friend to me. Watching the latest version of American television series like the Big Bang
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However, sometimes using such fancy words that do not actually fit in with the content of your essay just makes no sense to your readers,” Mr. Riggs said.
“But I thought using simple words will make my essay appear boring,” I explained.
“No, sometimes the words you choose are just too academic. Different from your thought, these vocabularies will make your papers odd and peculiar. In terms of English paper, it is always better to be more understandable than elusive,” Mr. Riggs replied.
Moreover, as an English teacher with dual degrees in literature, he even sometimes could not recognize the words I chose since they were too rare to be used.
In short, using big and glittering vocabulary may sometime harm the harmony and consistency of the essay. Thus, choosing the proper vocabulary than the fancy words is crucial to young English

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