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These nations had a claim in Louisiana prior to the US buying the land.

France & Spain

The belief that the US had the right and duty to expand across the North American Continent:

Manifest Destiny

What land purchase doubled the size of the US?

Louisiana Purchase

The US wanted to get this land in order to end the raids on Georgia farms.


Texas allowed slavery, which group in the US would this frustrate from a political stand point?

The North

What occurred before Stephen Austin started a colony in Texas?

Mexican Independence from Spain

Why did settlers travel to Oregon Country? What were they after?

Good Farmland

Which President's campaign slogan was, "All of Oregon or None!"


Which group of people resented Americans settling in Texas because they felt the Americans were there illegally?


What was Mexico's policy toward slavery?


The annexation of Texas contributed to the start of what?

Mexican-American War

What caused Mexico's territory to be decreased by half its size?

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

What was President Polk's goal for the US?

Increase in size

What argument would those who opposed the expansion of the US use?

US took advantage of weak neighbors

What was the purpose of gaining the land through the Gadsden Purchase?


What is the eastern boarder of the Louisiana Territory?

Mississippi River