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Laws passed in 1865 and 1866 in former confederate states to limit the rights of freedmen.

Black Codes

The rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all people as citizens, especially equal treatment under the law.

Civil Rights

The right to vote cannot be denied based on race or previous state of slavery. (1870)

Fifteenth Amendment

The privilege of citizenship to anyone born in the US and the protections of the rights granted to citizens. (1868)

Fourteenth Amendment

Established by congress to help and protect newly freed black Americans.

Freedman's Bureau

Of less importance, value, or quality.


Laws enforcing segregation of blacks and whites in the south after the Civil War.

Jim Crow Laws

The period of time after the Civil War when the southern states were rebuilt and brought back into the Union.


To find a solution for.


Commonly described as.


Abolished slavery thru the Constitution in the United States. (1865)

Thirteenth Amendment

To put up with.


Which US president believe the south should be treated with a balance of kindness and justice after the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln

Which US president's method of reconstruction included: canceling war debts, new state constitutions, ratifying the 13th Amendment, military districts in the south to rebuild?

Andrew Johnson

What was created to prevent states from blocking people from voting?

Enforcement Act

This group originally formed to return southern white democrats to power.

Ku Klux Klan

This court ruling enforced segregation by stating as long as separate public facilities were equal they were considered constitutional.

Plessy v. Ferguson

What laws made it difficult and sometimes impossible for African Americans to vote?

Poll Tax Laws