How Successful Was Reconstruction Ineffective?

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Sammie Freiter
The Reconstruction
The end of the Civil War resulted in the Reconstruction movement which was lead by President Andrew Johnson to try and rebuild the south. The lack of slaves called for a change in the Southern economy to make up for the missing labor forces. As the South continued to oppress African Americans through restrictive black codes, more radical ideas of reconstruction took hold. To secure African American rights despite southern tactics to undermine these gains, laws and institutions were put in place to improve the condition of African Americans’ lives.
The Emancipation Proclamation and the end of the Civil War resulted in many laws and institutions being passed and enforced to protect African American rights. The
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Because four million slaves were freed as a result of the Civil War, the economy was destroyed because of the loss of a large labor force. Freedmen 's Bureau was meant to help former black slaves in the South and poor white citizens, but it was also meant to help maintain African American’s rights. The Bureau soon began to lack funds and supplies, and by 1872, Congress, being pressured by white southerners, stopped Freedmen’s Bureau. Soon after, Jim Crow laws and segregation increased in southern states. Despite these poor conditions for African Americans’, the legislative branch did nothing to stop it. The federal government lessened the enforcement of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment which provided African Americans civil rights and the right to vote. Congress also nullified the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which made discrimination based on race illegal, when there was national backlash. The Civil Rights Acts were ruled unconstitutional because the government did not have the power to prohibit discrimination from private individuals. The Thirteenth Amendment was one of the only laws that remained intact because the government claimed the amendment did not prohibit racial discrimination, but it was only meant to eliminate “the badge and …show more content…
Before and during the Civil War, the North opposed slavery for multiple different reasons, and as a result of the Civil War, slavery was prohibited across the United States. Because the North established what it was ultimately fighting for, it seems the North won the Civil War. The idea that from the African American perspective the North lost the peace after the Civil War is not true, though. The was little peace between African Americans and white Americans before the Civil War, and the war did not change that. After the war, African Americans were still treated poorly and oppressed by southern whites like they were before the war. The North didn’t lose the peace as a result of the Civil War. Leading up the war, the North and the South fought over slavery and how far slavery could spread, and after the war, they continued to fight for African American

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