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Determinism is the idea that...

...criminal behavior is a product of biological, psychological, & social forces that are beyond a persons control.

Lombroso's name for born criminals whose biological inferiorities could be seen in their physical features was...


Studies that examine brain scans find that impulse murders have...

...reflecting reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex...

High levels of which hormone have been linked to aggressive behavior?


Which of the following is the best predictor of criminal behavior?

What percentage of U.S. adults suffer from schizophrenia? Depression?**


What percentage of U.S. adults suffer from a major depressive disorder marked w/ such feelings as well as guilt or worthlessness?


Which of the following is a disorder of personality revealed by a lifelong pattern of antisocial behavior about which an individual has no remorse?

Antisocial personality theory

Mark is a member of a gang. As a member, he engages in a great deal of criminal activity. He often steals items from Wal-Mart and sells them for cash on the street. He argues that his actions are not wrong because everyone does "bad stuff." Even the judge and police officers commit worse acts than stealing. Which technique of neutralization does this represent?

Neutralization theory

Which theory emerged in the U.S. following the turbulent 1960's & its variety of social movements?

Social conflict theory;argues that individuals and groups (social classes) within society interact on the basis of conflict rather than consensus.