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What are the 2 goal of probation?

to protect society & to rehabilitate the offender

The 1st probation officer was who?

John Augustus

Jeff is under community supervision in Los Angeles County for committing a felony. he has a prior record so his community supervision entails mandated restitution, house arrest, and bi-weekly meetings with his probation officer. Jeff is most likely serving what?

ISP : Intensive supervision probation

One of the responsibilities of the probation officer is to create a report for a judge that includes information on an offenders criminal history, employment and education history, and mental and physical health, among other things. This report is called what?

presentence investigation report

To measure success of probation, what measure of recidivism is often used?

if the individual completes the term of probation without a new arrest; he is deemed a success

Debbie is a probationer in Los Angeles County whose probation was revoked because she failed to find and keep a job and check in w her p.o. weekly as required. Her probation is being revoked because of what?

failure to check in?

what are the rights that probationers are entitled to when they are facing probation revocation?

-allowed to present evidence on their behalf

-to receive written notice of the hearing and charges against them

-challenge and confront evidence and witnesses

(due process rights)

Sally has just finished serving 8-10 year sentence. She was granted release by a group of people assembled to determine if she is eligible to return to the community. Because this group of people felt she was no longer a threat to the community, they made the decision to to release her from prison based on what policy?

Discretionary release

The goal of the restorative justice is to repair the harm caused to the community, the victim, and whom?


what percent of ordered restitution is actually collected?