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Behaviors that society considers deviant

Mala in se

Which perspective argues that laws are made to serve to represent the interest of public majority?

Consensus perspective

The crime control model is mainly focused on...

emphasizes the efficient arrest and processing of alleged criminals

Besides changing the law, how can legislature influence the criminal justice system?

Legislators decide how much money the country will spend on prisons, policing, and the court system

Media reports on violent crimes such as murder give viewers the impression that...

...murder is more common than in actuality

What percentage of African American males age 20-29 are under the supervision of the criminal justice system?

Nearly 1/3 - 33%

Of the following statements which is true about youths and drug use?

What have many jurisdictions recently established in an effort to deal w/ all the individuals in the criminal justice system w/ mental health problems?

...established specialized mental health courts.

After black males, this group has the second highest incarceration rate...

Latinos; per 100,000 — 1,419 incarceratedW - 480

According the the Innocence Project, more than BLANK offenders have been exonerated due to DNA evidence between 1989 and December 2010