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How does Acceptance Sampling work?

probability that the rate of defective items in a batch is less than a specified level

What does Acceptance Sampling determine?

e.g. population: 500

sample: 25

defective sample items: 0

result: probabability is 93% that population deviation rate < 10%

What does a P chart show?

percentage of defects (acceptable/not acceptable) in a sample

What does a C chart show?

defects per item

what does a R chart show?

the range of dispersion of a variable (size or weight) where the center line is the overalll mean

What does a X-bar chart show?

the sample mean for a variable where the center line is the average range

How are the expected cost in a cost benefit analysis calculated?

Probability of being out of control x Cost of corrective action + Probability of being in control x Investigation cost

What is the Fishbone diagram good for?

to study causation when no single cause for a problem can be identified