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What does benchmarking do?
compares CONTINUOUSLY,QUANTITAVELY and QUALITATIVELY an aspect of organization's performance with the best-in-class performance
What are the four kinds of benchmarking?
- competitive benchmarking
- process (function, generic) benchmarking
- strategic benchmarking
- internal benchmarking

What is competitive benchmarking?

Comparison with the best competitors focuses on performance in related organizations as a whole

What is generic benchmarking?

Comparison of processes that are virtually the same regardless of industry (such as document processing)

What is functional benchmarking?

Comparison with organizations that perform related functions within the same technological area

What are the 5 phases of benchmarking?

1) selection of business processes to be benchmarked

2) organization of benchmarking teams

3) researching and finding best-in-class performance

4) data analysis (gap analysis)

5) implementation of process changes

What are the critical steps in the researching and identifying best-in-class performance phase?(3)

- setting up databases

- choosing information-gathering methods

- formatting questionnaires