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What are some examples of non-renewable fuels?

Some examples include coal, oil and gas.

How is crude oil formed?

Crude oil is formed from the buried remains of plants and animals. Over millions of years of high temperature and pressure, the remains turn into crude oil which can then be drilled up.

How can the compounds found in crude oil be separated?

Compounds in crude oil can be separated using fractional distillation.

What is a hydrocarbon?

A hydrocarbon is any compound formed from carbon and hydrogen atoms only.

What fuels are hydrocarbons?

Petrol and diesel are both hydrocarbons.

What type of bonding can be found in hydrocarbon molecules?

The atoms in hydrocarbons are held together by covalent bonds.

What is the simplest type of hydrocarbon called?

The simplest type of hydrocarbon is called an alkane.

What does "saturated compound" mean?

"Saturated compound" means a compound containing only single covalent bonds between their carbon atoms.

How can you spot whether something is an alkane or an alkene?

You can spot what it is by adding bromine water to the substance.