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a bully (n)
someone who enjoys frightening or hurting people
a dreamer (n)
a person who spends much time thinking about the past/future
a fighter (n)
a person who likes to fight or who often fights
a leader (n)
leads by example, a person whom others want to follow
able (adj)
a person who can do many things, highly skilled, talented
absent minded (adj)
a person who doesn't think about the present, has difficulty paying attention, empty headed much of the time
adventurous (adj)
a person who likes adventure, takes rish to have an adventure
affectionate (adj)
often shows love, or enjoys being receiving love
an expert (n)
someone who knows much more about sth than other people
anxious (adj)
someone who often feels nervous or worried about things.
artistic (adj)
a creative person, good at art
attentive (adj)
someone who listens carefully, give her/his full attention to someone or sth.
boastful (adj)
someone who likes to tell everyone how good he/she is
bold (adj)
brave, courageous, not easily frightened
brave (adj)
bold, courageous, not easily frightened
bright (adj)
intelligent, smart
busy (adj)
often busy, often doing something, no time for other activities
calm (adj)
not easily excited, a mild person
care free (adj)
someone who does worry about anything, free of care
chatty (adj)
someone who enjoys chatting, talking with other people
cheerful (adj)
often in a happy mood, full of life, not often sad
closed-minded (adj)
someone who will not change their mind, not listen to others, has only one way of thinking
clumsy (adj)
someone who is careless, not careful, often falls down or knocks things over
compassionate (adj)
often thinks about the needs of others first and always tries to help
confused (adj)
someone who is easily confused, makes things difficult to understand
considerate (adj)
someone who considers (thinks about) others first before themself
cooperative (adj)
works well with other people
courageous (adj)
brave, bold, willing to take risks for other people
cowardly (adj)
easily scared or frightened, not courageous
creative (adj)
someone good at creating things, has many ideas
curious (adj)
eager to learn, want to know more