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Era of good feelings

Nickname, the era of monroe. Spread of nationalism, optimism and goodwill.

Tariff of 1816

During the war, manufactures erected many factories to supply goofs that previously had been imported from britain

First protective terrified in us history

Panic of 1819

First major financial panic since the Co situation had been ratified. Largely the fault of the second bank of the United states, wich had tightened credit in belated effort to control inflammation

John marshal

Had been appointed to the Supreme Court in 1800.


Henry clays American system

Henry clay-leader in house of representatives. Came up with method to advance nations economic growth called American system.

Protective terrifs, a national bank, internal improvements

Missouri compromise

Due to unbalanced slave states/free states, attempt to balance them out

Tallmadge amendment

James Tallmadge from new York debated about Missouri with a question- proposed an amendment for admission.

-prohibiting further introduction of slaves to missuri

-requiring the children of slaves to be emencioated at ages of 25

Treaty of 1818

Improved relationships between us and britain. 1-shared fishing rights in new foundland 2-joined occupation of Oregon territory for 10 yers....3 setting of northern limits on luisiana territory

Eli whitney

Growth of insustry- he was famous for hundreds of new inventions to make manufacturing easier