Marbury Vs. Madison: The Most Important Case In American History

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Marbury v. Madison was one of the most important cases in American history because it gave the supreme court the right they’re known for, declaring if a law is constitutional or not. When John Adams’ presidency was coming to an end, he realized how the Federalist party was also coming to an end. To leave a legacy, he made his friend John Marshall the Chief Justice the Judiciary Act of 1801. The Judiciary act of 1801 made 16 new federal judgeships, which were all appointed by President John Adams. When Jefferson became President, he realized that the Judicial branch was full of people who had different views than he did, and most of America. He decided to repeal the Judiciary act of 1801, but it led to a controversy because the constitution said …show more content…
After the war of 1812, a sense of nationalism appeared because of how the Americans worked together as one to defeat the British. Now, the citizens began trusting the National government more, and cared less about state government. By this time, the Federalist party does not exist, and there are only Democratic Republicans. Therefore, there was no disagreement on politics, which can make people more positive. America and Britain are friends again, with the Rush-Bagot treaty, the British left the Great Lakes and they set the border between American and Canada. They also gained more land, such as Florida and the Pacific Northwest through treaties with Florida. Roads were beginning to be made, and the economy was booming. The Industrial Revolution reached it way to America, and production was at a never before seen high in America. In conclusion, the “Era of Good Feelings” because life in America was truly peaceful and happy. There was no fighting with other countries or within the country, there was only one political party, the country grew, and the economy

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