Apush Chapter 12 Outline

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Chapter 12
The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism

On to Canada over Land and Lakes
The Americans tried to invade Canada from Detroit, Niagara, and Lake Champlain. All were fought off by the Canadians.
The Americans then attacked by sea and were more successful.
Oliver Hazard Perry: captured a British fleet in Lake Erie.
General Harrison's army overtook the British at Detroit and Fort Malden in the Battle of the Thames in October 1813.
Thomas Macdonough: naval officer who forced the invading British army near Plattsburgh to retreat on September 11, 1814; he saved upper New York from British conquest. Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended
In August of 1814, a second British force attacked Washington
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James Monroe won the election.
The time during the administrations of President Monroe was known as the "Era of Good Feelings" because the 2 political parties were getting along. The Panic of 1819 and the Curse of Hard Times
The Panic of 1819 was the first financial panic since President Washington took office. The main cause was over-speculation in frontier lands.
The Bank of the United States was hated by western farmers because it foreclosed on many farms. Growing Pains of the West
Between 1791 and 1819, 9 states from the West had joined the United States. People moved west because of cheap land, the construction of highways, and many Indian territories had been eliminated.
The Land Act of 1820 authorized a buyer to purchase 80 virgin acres at a minimum of $1.25 an acre. The West also demanded cheap transportation and cheap money. Slavery and the Sectional Balance
The House of Representatives passed the Tallmadge Amendment, making it more difficult for Missouri to become a state. It did not allow for anymore slaves to be brought into Missouri and for the gradual emancipation of children born to slave parents already in Missouri. The amendment was defeated by the slave states in

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