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3 components of percentage

whole X rate = Unknown

whole=3,000q ft house

rate= kitchen area 15%

3,000 x .15= 450 sq ft

calculating the unknown

part/whole = rate

part= down payment 100,000

whole= purchase 400,000

100,000/400,000= 25%

calculating the rate

part/rate= whole

part= 5 homes

rate= 25%

5/25%= 20

calculating the whole

(A-B) / B= C

new amount-old amount

old amount = % change

Percentage change

Price X Percent = total

Percentage calculations

Price + Percent= New total

greater Percent change

Price - Percent = New total

lesser Percent change

Price X Percent= New total

Increase/decrease to amount

Price/Percent = New total

increase future sell amount

feet/meters= room measurements and lot sizes

square feet/square meters= square footage of a house,condominium and commercial

acres/hectares= total & workable farm acreage and rural/rec vacant land and building lots

3 types Area of Measurements

The measurement of an area by its length (L) and width (W); e.g., a rectangular building 40' (12.19 m) x 33' (10.06 m) = 1,320 square feet (122.63 sq. metres). Area measurements can be complex given irregular sizes.

Area of measurements

A measurement method, endorsed by the Alliance for Canadian Real Estate Education (ACRE), setting out living area calculations for various styles of houses; e.g., one-storey, 1½ storey, bi-level and 2-storey.

Living area measurements

Standards of measurement methods and calculations widely used with commercial properties in Canada. BOMA is an acronym for Building Owners and Managers Association.


Building owners and managers association

Total area enclosed by the finished surfaces of a tenanted space within a commercial building, as more specifically defined by generally-accepted measurement/calculation methods; e.g., the BOMA standard for measurement.

Useable area

The usable area of a tenanted space plus an allocation for common areas; e.g., common lobby, maintenance rooms and washrooms.

Rentable area