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Name five tree spcies that would not be appropriate for planting under utility wires.
any species that grows higher than the wires would be a correct answer.
(blank) is the ablility of a atree to withstand low temperatures and winter stresses in a given site
true/false--- although a tree may be considered hardy in a given area, it may decline or die if the roots are unprotected.
name tree site characteristics that must be considered in tree selection.
"functional requirements
light conditions
soil conditions
upright, pyramidal, and weeping are three examples of tree (blank)(blank) that are important in selection.
growth form
"if a particular disease is known to be a problem, a tree species or cultivar should be selected that is (blank) to that disease.
Name three plant characteristics that may make a tree aesthetically desirable.
attractive buds
fall color
exfoliating bark
growth habit"
(blank) is the gradual process by which a tree adapts to changes in its enviroment.
true/false-- a tree listed as adaptable to wet soil conditions will always thrive if planted in those conditions.
Name five characteristics to look for when selecting a tree in the nursery
"plentiful light-colored, healthy roots
solid root mass
good twig extension growth in previous years
no major scares or injuries
no insect or disease problems
good branch structure"
give examples of the architectural and engineering functions of trees in landscape.(fill in the blank)
fill in the blank
Name five tree species adaptable to each of the following site condidtions: wet soils, shade, high light, dry soil.
fill in the blank
Name five plant attributes that may make a tree desirable for a given area
fill in the blank
discuss the merits and limitations of using only native species in new plantings as opposed to naturalized or introduced species
fill in the blank
the climatic factor that determines hardiness zones is
a. north--south location
b. temperature, rainfall, and winds
c. east---west location
d. low temperature extremes
low temperature extremes
Trees to be planted under utility lines should be
a. tolerant of heavy top pruning
b. low- growing to remain below the lines
c. vase-shaped or over arching to clear conductors
d. low temperature extremes
low- growing to remain below the lines
Some trees acclimate to shade conditions by
a. developing large leaves
b. developing thinner leaves
c. variegated floiage losing variegation, or colored foliage tending to be greener
d. all of the above
all of the above
Fastigiate trees have a growth form that is
a. unright
b. weeping
c. overarching
d. vase-shaped
Which of the following is a true statement?
a. flood plain species will always grow well in wet soils
b. forest understory plants tend to make good street trees because they dont grow tall
c. some tree species are adapted to hot, dry or bright light condition with small, thick foliage and sunken stomata.
d. Most evergreen conifers are very shade tolerant and tend to scorch in full sunlight
some tree species are adapted to hot, dry or bright light condition with small, thick foliage and sunken stomata.