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1. Jupiter

2. Saturn

3. Uranus

4. Neptune

5. Pluto

What are the five outer planets?

Describe the planet Jupiter

*Largest planet in the solar system (more than 11 times larger than Earth).

*Named for the Roman king of the gods.

*Colorful bands of gases where storms are taking place.

*Great Red Spot (a spinning windstorm that is more than twice as wide as Earth).

Describe the planet Saturn

*6th planet from the sun


*Has at least 31 moons

*spins very fast (one day is eleven hours)

Descibe the planet Uranus

*Seventh planet from the sun

*Named for the Greek god of the sky

*Rotates on its side

Describe the planet Neptune

*Eighth planet from the sun

*Named after the Roman god of the sea

*cannot be seen without a telescope

*looks greenish-blue because of methane gas

*has four rings

*has a big spot in its atmosphere called The Great Dark Spot

Describe Pluto

*The coldest outermost planet of the solar system

*Has a tilted stretched out orbit that sometimes falls inside the orbit of Neptune

*smallest planet

*only outer planet without a ring system and a thick atmosphere