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How many bones form the axial skeleton?

80 Bones

Skull Bones?

8 Cranial 14 Facial

Bones associated with the skull?

6 Auditory ossicles (malleus, incus, stapes) smallest bone in body also the hyoid bone (no articulation)

The vertebral column is formed of?

24 Vertebrae



The thoracic cage is formed of?

24 Ribs and the sternum

How many bones are in the skull?

22 Bones

What are the 8 cranial bone?

Frontal, Parietal (2), occipital, temporal (2) sphenoid and ethmoid

What are the 14 Facial bones?

Maxilla (2), palatine (2), nasal (2), zygomatic (2), lacrimal (2), inferior nasal concha (2), vomer and mandible

What is a suture?

immovable joints of the skull

What are the 4 sutures?

Lambdoid, Coronal, Sagittal and Squamous

What 6 things form the orbits?

Frontal bone (roof)

Maxilla (floor)

Maxillary, Lacrima and & ethmoid ( rim and medial wall)

Sphenoid and palatine (posterior wall)

Zygomatic (lateral wall)

How many vertebrae are there?


What are neck vertebrae called and how many are there?

Cervical Vertebrae (7)

The cervical vertebrae has?

Transverse foramen c1 and c2


Atlas, allows us to move our head


Axis, allows us to move our head

Upper back vertebrae is called? and how many?

Thoracic vertebrae (12)

The Thoracic vertebrae?

Attaches to ribs

long spines projection down

The lower back vertebrae is called? and how many?

Lumbar vertebrae (5)

Lumbar vertebrae?

thick bodies that support most of weight

Cervical Curve?

Secondary curve, develops as a baby learns how to balance head (not born with them)

Thoracic curve?

primary curve

Lumbar curve?

Secondary curve develops as a baby learns how to walk (not born with them)

Sacral curve?

Primary curve


Exaggerated thoracic curvature, hunching all the time


Exaggerated lumbar curvature, baby weight


Lateral curvature

The sacrum?

Fusion of 5 vertebrae (age 25-30)


fusion of 4 vertebrae

A vertebrae has what 8 things?

•Vertebral body

•Vertebral foramen – forspinal cord



•Transverse processes

•Transverse foramen – forspinal nerves (cervical vertebrae only)


•Articular process & facets

Nucleus Pulposus?

Is a intervertebral disk, which is inner jelly like center

Annulus Fibrosis?

Is an intervertebral disks, which is an outer ring of fibrocartilage

The thoracic cage supports?

The thoracic cavity, consists of thoracic vertebrae, ribs and sternum

How many ribs are there? and what kind of bone are ribs?

12 pairs of long curved flat bones

Ribs are extend from?

the thoracic vertebrae

True Ribs?

1-7 connect to sternum

False Ribs?

8-12 connect to sternum vial extended cartilage

Floating Ribs?

11 & 12 (false) connect to sternum vial extended cartilage

The sternum is made three parts named?

Manubrium articulates with clavicles

sternal body long portion

xiphoid process attaches diaphragm and rectus abdominis muscles