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describe the Kansas Nebraska
-1854, designed by Douglas
-New territory established, Nebraska, how to settle?
-Issue: Nebraska lies above 36/30 line, "closed" to slavery
-Douglas needs supports from Southerners
-Douglas divides Nebraska territory, Kansas/Nebraska
-precedent of popular sovereignty (people decide If slave or free), repeal M.O. Compromise, opens up west to slavery
-Nebraska is free, but Kansas?
-Kansas will explode, settlers, North/South "Bleeding Kansas"
what were the new parties in the 1840s?
-The Know Nothings, nativists 1840
-1854- Republican Party
Explain Bleeding Kansas
-thousands rush into Kansas Territory, testing ground
-crates sent to be full of said bibles, they were really guns in crates
-Border Ruffians, Missouri, 5,000 vote
-All of Kansas 2,000 registered voters/ 6,300 votes for constitution
-Lecompton Constitution - external slavery
-Jan 1856 - Lawrence free soil government, Lecompton slave government
-Guerilla War - 250 dead, Bleeding Kansas
What was John Brown's troubling legacy?
-From CT - 20 children, 20 businesses
-old testament Calvonist
-Kansas '56 - Harper's Ferry '59
-Trial - execution
-Why John Brown matters
--->hero or terrorist?
--->killing for justice
---> white man, killed white people to free blacks
Dred Scott vs Sanford
-He was slave from st. Louis taken by an army doctor as a personal servant to Illinois
-he sues for his freedom, arguing that because he lived in Illinois, he and his family were free because Illinois was not a slave state
what were the the three decisions made by the super court?
1. it was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court that he has no right to sue
2. residence on free soil DIDNT make him free
3. Congress has no authority to exclude slavery to any U.S. territory, violation of 5th amendment, life liberty, and property
what were Douglas's views on race?
white supremacy
Lincoln's views
whites are higher than blacks but they should be given some rights. On the hold, slavery should be left alone
Secessionist Winter
- first South carolina
-early January, rest of the deep south gone by submission
-upper south, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas had econmic ties to north
-James Buchanan decides secession is illegal
Upper South Secedes
-union supplies low
-lincoln's dilemma, send supplies, send troops, or do nothing
-he sends supplies, confederates open fire, fort surrenders
-North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee Arkansas, secede in June
-Border states, Delaware, Maryland, Missouri and Kentucky remain with union with slavery
-habeas corpus suspended in Baltimore
Battle of Antietam
-Lee threatens the north
-Maryland supplies recruits
-confederate victory, Maryland joins confederacy
-Union, army of potomac, 90,000
-Sep. 17 1862 Antietam Creek
-Lee's plan is found wrapped in cigars but Mckllean fails to act upon it
-23,000 single bloodiest day in American history
-allows Lincoln to pass to the emancipation proclamation
Five Effects of Emancipation Proclamation
1) every step forward - liberating step
2) increased slave flights
3) U.S. committed to freedom in eyes of the world
4) formal process to recruit blacks
5) tansforms purpose of war
Turning Points
-1864 election, Lincoln reelected
-Union wins Gettysburg and Vicksburg
-War of Attrition 1864
-Fall of Atlanta
Clays, Calhouns, Websters, Stephen A. Douglas
-Clay: offered series of resolutions
-antislavery advocates savaged Clays plan
-Calhoun: declared plan favored north over south
Webster: defended the compromise, declared secession would mean civil war, claimed a legal band on slavery in the territories was uncessarry
-Douglas: broke bill into parts and skillfully ushered each thru congress
Compromise of 1850
-california entered the union as free
-new mexico & Utah would be open to popular sovereignty
-Texas accepted its boundary with new mexico and received 10 million
-ended slave trade in DC but enacted a more stringent fugitive slave law
Fugitive Slave Act
-act gave slave owners right to enter stars and recapture their slave proper
-northerners passed personal liberty laws to give fugitives some protection
-assisted runaway slaves thru underground railroad
Uncle Tom's Cabin
-novel awakened million of northerners to evils of slavery
-southerners denounced it as slander
-confirmed the notion that southerners had little northern supporters