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Which of the explains the need to communicate effectively with other responders?
Coordinating and implementing the treatment plan.
The number of times per minute a radio wave oscillates is its:
Which of the following types of computer devices involves contacting the screen to enter data?
Touch pad
The transfer of care to the receiving facility staff should always include:
Giving a formal verbal briefing
Interference with communication because of a hardware problem is an example of a __ problem.
Which best describes why its important to use terms that are widely accepted.
Unfamiliar terms may be meaningless or misleading
Without proper terminology and verbal communications skills, the receiver will be unable to __ the message.
Which is the key link that results in the best possible PT outcome?
Specialized terms for radio use enhance communications by:
Shortening airtime and transmitting thoughts quickly.
Systems that transmit and receive on the same frequency are ___ systems.
Written communication, a neat and complete PCR is a good indicator of which?
Federal agency that controls and regulates nongovernmental comm is the :
Multiplex systems transmit:
Voice and data simultaneoulsy
The acronym PSAP stands for:
Public safety access point
First part of EMS response to an incident is:
Detection and citizen access
The ---, the public's first contact with the EMS system, plays a crucial role in every EMS response.
A person who electronically records info may be subject to __ charges for defaming a person in writing.
QUIZ answer Slander
Textbook is Libel
Type of comm sys that works like a telephone:
PCR is all of following except:
Public Record
Med audits, research and policy changes can improve PT care through info collected from: