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What did G. E. Moore believe?

Believed that the task of the philosopher of ethics is to conduct a "general inquiry into what is good"

According to Moore, what is good?

A noncomplex and nonnatural property of good things

What is normative ethics?

Making, defending, or criticizing moral judgments

What do emotivist believe?

Moral judgments have no factual meaning,

but linguistic acts by which a speaker expresses an attitude about something or other

What is John Rawls fundamental requirements of a just Society?

If the society is to be well ordered,

its members must be determined by rational reflection what are to be their principles of Justice,

The principles must be selected by a fair procedure

What is Rawls veil of ignorance?

The metaphor of the condition under which rational individuals are to select the principles of justice that govern the well-ordered society

What is Rawls, Original Position?

Hypothetical condition in which rational and unbiased individuals select the principles of social justice that govern a well-ordered society

What is John Rawls 2 principles of social justice?

1) each person has an equal right to the most extensive basic Liberty compatible with a similar Liberty of others.

2) social and economic inequalities must be arranged so they are both

a) reasonably expected to be to everyone's advantage

b) attached to positions and offices open to all

What were Nozick's 3 claims in his book, " Anarchy, State, and Utopia."

A minimal state, limited to the narrow functions of protection against Force, theft, fraud, breach of contract, and so on is Justified

Any more extensive state will violate person's rights not to be forced to do certain things and is unjustified

A minimal state is inspiring as well as right.

Who were three communitarian critics of Rawls?

Michael sandel

Michael Walzer

Alasdair MacIntyre

What is a communitarian?

One who holds that there is a common good defined by one's Society, the attainment of which has priority over individual liberty