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What type of flooring is best to use in commercial kitchens?

Smooth, durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to clean

What 5 areas in your operations should have nonabsorbent flooring?

Walk in coolers, prep and food storage areas, dishwashing areas, restrooms, dressing and locker rooms

What is resiliency?

A material can react to a shock without breaking or cracking

What is coving?

A curved, sealed edge placed between between the floor and the wall to eliminate sharp corners or gaps that would be impossible to clean

What is the purpose of coving?

Eliminate hiding places for insects

What is the best type of finishes for walls and ceilings?

Smooth, nonabsorbent, and easy to clean

What type of material should you use to store dry goods?

Shelving made of corrosion resistant metal or food grade plastic

What are dry goods susceptible to?

Attack from insects and rodents

What other uses does a hand washing sink have?


What are the 5 requirements at a hand washing station?

Hot and cold running water, soap, a way to dry hands, garbage container, signage

What is a service sink used for?

Cleaning mops and disposing of wastewater

What is the NSF?

An organization that creates national standards

When will you see an NSF make on foodservice equipment?

When it has met the standards

At least how tall do legs on floor mounted equipment have to be?

6 in.

At least how tall do legs on tabletop equipment have to be?

4 in.

Define cross connection

A physical link between safe water and dirty water

Define backflow

The reverse flow of contaminants through a cross connection into a drinkable water supply

Define air gap

An air space that separates a water outlet from a potentially contaminated source

How do cross connection, back flow and air gap relate to each other?

If there isn't an air gap there will be back flow and cross connection

What causes grease and condensation build up on walls and ceilings in your operation?

Ventilation systems not working

What 3 settings must a dishwasher in your operation have?

Water temperature, water pressure, cleaning and sanitizing chemical concentration

How do you control contamination from garbage?

Remove garbage, clean containers, indoor containers, designated storage areas, outdoor containers