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The damage control organization is divided
into how many parts?
What person coordinates the efforts of repair
parties to control damage?
The damage control assistant
Which of the following are duties of the
administrative organization of damage
1. Records and schedules for maintenance
2. Written doctrine and procedures relating to
damage control
3. Ship’s bills
Which of the following are duties of the
executive officer?
1. Ship’s survivability training
2. Readiness to manage casualties
3. Control and recover from damage
What officer is designated as the ship’s
damage control officer?
The engineer officer
What requirements must a petty officer have to
be designated as the damage control petty
officer (DCPO)?
Complete the PQS
Normally, the job of DCPO is held for what
period of time?
6 month
Which of the following is/are responsibilities
of the DCPO?
Assist in the instruction of division
personnel in damage control
2. Prepare and maintain damage control
checkoff lists for their spaces
3. Make required reports
What person is responsible for determining
the safe entry of personnel into closed or
poorly ventilated spaces?
The gas free engineer
What person is designated to aid the DCA
train personnel and to prevent and fight fires?
The fire marshal
What action is taken if the fire marshal finds
hazards that relate to poor housekeeping
during a daily inspection?
Submit discrepancy report to DCA with
copies to XO and department head
The fire marshal has which of the following
1. Submitting reports citing hazards and
recommendations for their correction
2. Setting up a fire watch team before regular
What is the purpose of the ship’s damage
control battle organization?
To restore the ship to as near normal
operation as possible
In the damage control battle organization,
what person is responsible for controlling
damage; fighting fires; CBR countermeasures;
and control of stability, list, and trim?
What are the primary damage control battle
organization unit(s)?
Repair parties
What is the nerve center of the directing force
for directing the damage control organization?
Main deck repair.
Repair 1
Propulsion repair.
Repair 5
Repair 6
Electronic casualty control
Repair 8
Each repair party should be capable of
performing which of the following functions?
1. Rigging casualty power
2. Controlling flooding
3. Extinguishing all types of fires
When in port, the ship has which of the
following duty section components available
to respond to any type of casualty?
In port emergency teams
The rescue and assistance detail must have
which of the following qualifications?
1. Be qualified as an emergency team
2. Be qualified in first aid
General quarters is an all hands evolution—it
is the highest state of readiness of the ship.
Which of the following statements describes a
correct GQ route to follow?
Aft in the passageways and up ladders on
the starboard side
Which of the following is an emergency
damage control communications system?
What system signals override microphone
control stations to notify the ship’s crew of
imminent danger?
General announcing system
This alarm is sounded by the OOD or PreFly
notifying ship’s company of a pending or
actual flight deck emergency
When this alarm is sounded, all hands report
to their preassigned stations and set material
condition ZEBRA.
Which of the following means of
communications is used when all other
methods have failed?
All Navy ships have how many material
conditions of readiness?
What material condition provides the least
degree of watertight integrity?
What material condition sets the highest
degree of watertight integrity?
Which of the following fittings are closed
when condition ZEBRA is set?
1. DOG Z fittings
2. Circle X fittings
3. Y fittings
What means, if any, is used by repair parties to
find damage control fittings and closures in
each compartment?
Compartment checkoff lists
The Damage Control Closure Log is
maintained in which of the following
1. DCC
2. Quarterdeck
What fittings are secured when the ship is set
for “darken ship”?
The emergency escape breathing device
(EEBD) supplies breathable air for what
maximum period of time?
15 minutes
With training, you should be able to activate
the EEBD within what maximum period of
30 seconds
Which of the following breathing devices
should NOT be worn for fire-fighting
Which of the following is the primary fire
fighting tool for respiratory protection?
From the time it is activated, each cylinder
used in the self-contained breathing apparatus
(SCBA) will last approximately what length of
30 minutes
Which of the following substances must be
present to start a fire?
1. Oxygen
2. Heat
3. Fuel
In the fire tetrahedron, how many components
are necessary for combustion?
Flammable materials give off vapors. What is
the lowest temperature that these vapors burn
when a spark is applied?
Flash point
What term is used to describe the lowest
temperature at which spontaneous combustion
Ignition point
Heat from fire can be transferred by how many
What method of heat transfer occurs when
heat moves from one body to another by direct
What method of heat transfer occurs through
the motion of smoke, hot air, and heated
What type of heat transfer occurs when heat
moves in all direction unless blocked?