Good Housekeeping Essay

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Principles and procedures of good housekeeping which contribute to safe and healthy working environment
There are many principles and procedures that contribute to a safe and healthy working environment. Good housekeeping helps in abolishing some workplace hazards and helps to get a job done safely and accurately. Poor housekeeping can often contribute to accidents that cause injuries. Good housekeeping results in
• Less tripping and slipping in a workplace. This can be from too many people in the same area at the same time; the floor surface must be kept in a suitable condition. All spills must be immediately cleaned up and floor damage should be repaired straight away.
• There is more effective use of space, when there is a clear free working
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• All flammable materials should be kept in locations away from ignition sources.
• Passageways and fire exits should be kept free from objects obstructing them and stairs should be kept free so that an escape is in place in the event of a fire. All these exits should have signs on them.
• Hazards that occur in electrical areas should be reported immediately and should be treated straight away.
• All tools and equipment in the workplace should be regularly inspected, cleaned and repaired; damaged tools and equipment should not be used.
• All employee facilities should have sufficient space and well maintained. Lockers should be put in place for employees belongings. If needed wash place facilities should be in place along with disinfectants, soaps and appropriate towels.
• Smoking, eating and drinking should be banned from workplace to protect the safety of others.
• Eating areas should be kept a sufficient distance from the workplace and and must have adequate space.
• The eating area should also be cleaned after use.
• All lights in the workplace must be all in fully working condition. Damaged and dirty lights reduce light
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The Statement should be based on the identification of the hazards and the Risk Assessments carried out under Section 19. A safety statement should outline how the safety and health of all employees will be secured and managed. This is by maintaining a safe workplace which uses safe equipment. All hazards should be identified and all risks should be assessed. All hazards should identified by carrying out a workplace risk assessment and recording and reviewing the hazards annually. A safety statement should give details about how the employer is going to manage his or her safety and health responsibilities. This statement should prepare and revise as appropriate, adequate plans and procedures to be followed and measures to be taken in the case of an emergency or imminent danger. All employers should specify the duties of employees, including the cooperation required from them on health and safety matters. All the names of and job titles of people appointed to be responsible for safety and health should be set out in the statement, this is to ensure the smooth running of

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