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What is a biosphere?
consists of all the parts of the planet that are inhabited by living things
What is an ecosystem?
the community of living things in an area, along with the nonliving features of the environment that support the living community
What is an organism?
individual living things
What is a cell?
life's basic units of structure and function
What is DNA?
the chemical responsible for inheritance - the passing on of traits from parent organisms to their offspring
What is a gene?
units of inherited information
What are species?
a distinct form of life
What is a domain?
broadest category
What is unicellular?
organisms entire consist of just a single cell
What is a eukaryotic cell?
cells without nuclei
What is a eukaryotic cell?
cells that contain culei that separate DNA from the rest of the cell
What is multicellular?
organisms made of many cells
What is a system?
a combination of parts can form a more complex organization
What is photosynthesis?
the process by which plants make food
What is a producer?
produce the food upon which the entire ecosystem depends
What is a consumer?
animals and other organisms that eat the food made by the producers
What is homeostasis?
a steady state
What is adaptation?
an inherited trait that helps the organism's ability to survive and reproduce in its particular environment
What is a population?
a localized group of organisms belonging to the same species
What is natural selection?
the natural environment selects certain inherited traits
What is evolution?
a generation-to-generation change in the proportion of deferent inherited genes in a population
What is an observation?
the use of the senses
What is data?
recorded observations
What is an inference?
a logical conclusion based on observations
What is a generalization?
general conclusion
What is a hypothesis?
a suggested answer to a well-defined scientific question
What is a variable?
a condition that can differ within the experiment
What is a controlled experiment?
an experiment that tests the effect of a single variable
What is evidence?
consists of a collected body of data from observations and experiments
What is a theory?
a well-tested explanation that makes sense of a great variety of scientific observations
What is a model?
physical, mental, or mathematical representations of how people understand a process o an idea
What is technology?
applying scientific understanding for some specific purpose