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in carbohydrates, which two elements are in the ratio 2:1?
Hydrogen and oxygen
Explain the term Polysaccharide.
A Polysaccharide is a macromolecule composed of many monosaccharides.
Name a polysaccharide other than cellulose.
Where precisely in a plant cell would you find cellulose?
In the cell wall of plants
Name a test or give the chemicals usedto demonstrate the presence of a reducing sugar.
Benedicts reagent
in relation to the test above, which is correct?
Heat not boil
Define Predation.
the killing of one animal by another animal for food.
Explain the term niche.
the functional role of an organism or species in the community
Name an anabolic process carried out by plants.
Explain the term edaphic.
a soil feature that influences the growth of plants or animals.
Give an example of an edaphic factor.
in a seashore habitat, the edaphic factors are the influences of the type of material lying between high and low tide--sand, shingle or solid rock.
What is genetic engineering?
manipulation and alteration of genes for research or commarce.
Name 3 processes involved in genetic engeering.
1. Isolation.
2. Transformation
3. Expression
Give an example of an application of genetic engineering in each of the following cases.
1. A micro-organism
2. An animal
3. A plant
1. Bacteria - to carry the human insulin gene.
2. Sheep- to carry human blood clotting factor gene.
3. Some have been given genes that give them the abilty to produce "natural" insecticides
Give one location where mitosis occurs in flowering plants.
embryo sacs in the ovules.
Give one function of mitosis in multicellular organisms.
What is the function of mitosis in single celled organisms?
Biomolecules of the general formula Cx(H2O)y are examples of...
Gice two functions of water in a living oranism.
1.Moves materals in and out of cells
2. Energy absorber
Is energy release a feature of anabolic or catabolic reactions?
How do fats differ from oils at room temperature?
Fats can be solid as well as liquid
Name the test or give the chemicals used to detect the presence of protein in a food sample.
Biuret reagent
Name a structural polysaccharide.
The diagram represents the cell cycle.
(a)What stage of the cycle is represented by x?
(b)Give the names of the 2 processes involving DNA which takes place during stage X
(b) Dna Replication and Growth
Expalin the term diploid number.
The number of chromosomes in most cells except the gametes
which stage does the spindle fibre contract?
Stage 3
name the 4 staes in mitosis.
2. prophase
3. metaphase
4. anaphase
What term is used to describe a group of disorders of the body in which cells lose the normal regulation of mitosis?
Whats the equation to represent aerobic respiration?
glucose+oxygen~ carbon dioxide+water+energy
What is the cytosol?
the cytoplasmic solution
What is Fermentation
anaerobic respiration by certain bacteria and yeasts
Does the first stage of respiration release a small or large amount of energy?
A small amount
Where in the cell does the second stage of aerobic respiration take place?
Is oxygen required for the second stage of respiration?
Suggest a situation in which some cells in the human body may not be able to engage in the second stage of aerobic respiration.
if free oxygen is present.