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State the 3 types of biodiversity



Species (eveness and richness)

What is habitat diversity?

The amount of habitats in an area

What is genetic diversity?

The variation of allels (types of a gene) within a population of species

What is species diversity (eveness and richness)?

Species Eveness is the abundance of each species.

Species Richness is the number of different species

What is systematic sampling?

When samples are taken in fixed intervals often across a long line.

What is opportunistic sampling?

When the samples are chosen by the investigator / sampling whatevers there

What is stratified sampling?

When a population is divoded into sub-groups/different areas in a habitat are identified and sampled seperately in proportion to their part of the habitat as a whole.

Give an advantage and disadvantage of opportunistic sampling

It is simple to carry out

Results will be biased

What does the "n" stand for in simpsons diversity index

The number of organisms in 1 species

What does the "N" stand for in simpsons diversity index

The total number of organisms

How can you tell a habitat has a high biodiversity?

It will have a high index of diversity (close to 1)

How can you tell a habitat has a low biodiversity?

It will have a low idex of diversity (close to 0)

Why is it important to have a high genetic diversity within isolated populations?

To increase the populations adaptability to changes in the environment e.g. new predator, change in food soure, new desease.

Give an example of how zoos manage genetic diversity.

By keeping databases with the details of each animal in the breeding program

How do humans affect biodiversity?



Habitat loss


How does climate change affect biodiversity?

By changing environmental conditions

How does monoculture affect biodiversity?

Habitat loss

Loss of local plants/animals

Loss of heritage varieties

Give ecological reasons for why maintaining biodiversity is important

Protecting keystone species and maintaining genetic resources

Give an economic reason for maintaining biodiversity

Reduces soil depletion caused by continuous monoculture

Give an asthetic reason for maintaining biodiversity

It protects landscapes

What is in-situ conservation?

Protecting a species in their natural habitat

What is ex-situ conservation?

Protecting a species by moving part of a population from a thretened habitat into a new location.

Give examples of types of in-situ conservation

Establishing protected areas such as wild life reserves and marine conservation zones

Give examples of types of ex-situ conservation

Breeding organisms in caltivity (i.e. in zoos), and then reintroducing them into the wild and conserving organisms in botanic gardens and seed banks.

What is the rio Convention on Biological Dibersity (CBD)?

An international agreement that aims to develope international strategies in the conservaion of biodiversity and how to use animal and plant resources in a sustainable way

What is the Convention of international Trade of Endangered Species (CITES)?

An agreement designed to increase international co-operation in regulating the trade in wild animals and plant specimens

What is the countryside stewardship scheme (CSS)?

A local agreement to conserve wildlife and biodiversity by promoting specific managing techniques to landowners (i.e. planting hedges)