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Definition of biodiversity

The variety of living organisms in an area

Species definition

A group of similar organisms that can reproduce to produce fertile offspring

Habitat definition

The place in which a organism lives and thrives

Why are tigers and ligers a separate species?

Ligers and tigers cannot reproduce to produce a fertile offspring

biodiversity importance








Economical reasons for maintaining ting biodiversity?

Food and drinks-cash crops

Clothing-'wool from sheep'

Drugs medicinal use health sector decline(taxil)



Ecological reasons for maintaining biodiversity

Effects food chain: for example; phytoplankton is the Base of marine food chain

Nutrient cycles- decomposing worms make soil rich,no worms=bad soils which effect other plants.

Climate- cutting respiring tree,s mean they can no longer absorb CO2 and so enhancing greenhouse effect.

Ethical reasons for maintaining biodiversity?

Moral issues of killing other life

Vegen arguments

Religious reasons

Animal rights

Right to exist

Aesthetic reasons for maintaining biodiversity

Plants and animals bring visual pleasure to us


Example,Eden project: conservation of plants so that people can visit and enjoy the visual pleasure from plants

Agricultural reasons for maintaining biodiversity

Food for people

Pest control-killing birds that eat insects will result in more insects!

How does climate change effect biodiversity

Warmer climates =habits change for species

Some may benefit such as plants may be able to grow in warmer arctic conditions

Invasive species may enter an habitat effecting other organisms

Extinction and endangered species increase such as polar bear due to warmer arctic

How disease effects biodiversity

Fungal infections as increased fungus grow in warmer conditions

Disease can effect crop yields and disrupt food chains

Best way of sampling


What is quadrat sampling?

And quadrat is thrown randomly at random coordinate and the organisms found are recorded

How does a sweepnet work?

Net is put into opposite water current.

And water flows into net carrying organisms such as beetles

How does a Pouter work?

Sucky sucky


How do you use a transect?

A line taken across a habitat and samples are taken along the line

Benefit: can provide corelllations data as the type of species can relate to where it was found

How to use pitfall trap

Make a hole and cover with leaves and twigs and let organisms fall

Tull green trap

Catches leaf litter

What is species richness

Number of species in habitat

More species=more rich habitat

Species eveness?

Measure of the relative abundance of a species

How to measure diversity?

Simpson index

What is in situ conservation?

Conserving a species in its natural environment

How would you conserve a species in situ?

Protect its habitat

Control species introduction(such as not allowing invasive species)

Promoting particular species that the protected species may thrive off.

Legal protection against poaching

Advantages of in-situ conservation

Conserve the species and habitat

Little disruptive

Good chance of population recovery

Disadvantages against in-situ conservation

Very little control as the species are left in their natural environment in disrupted and so it could be hard to control external factors.

For example; people may still get away from logging tree's

What is ex situ conservation?

Conserving a species outside it's natural environment.

How can you conserve a species in ex situ?

Relocate to a more controlled area

Such as a biome for plants where the climate is artificially controlled.Breeding programmesSeed banks

Breeding programmes

Advantages of ex situ conservation?

Very controlled environment where you can reintroduce species

More security and care of endangered species

Disadvantages of ex situ conservation?

Less successful


Zoo's are limited to very small number of species.

How international agreements help biodiversity?

CITES convention on international trade of endangered species.

Regulate trade

Illegal to kill endangered species

Limit trade

Raise awareness (education)

What did the rio convention aim to do?

Promote sustainability- maintaine current biodiversity level

Responsibility- everyone responsible

Guidence-how to conserve


Environmental impact assessment

Asess impact which will be caused by certain development by;

Estimating biodiversity (Simpson index)

Aim to keep biodiversity the same

Endangered species