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____ are microbial populations anchored to one epithelial lining or another by stiff, sticky polysaccharides of their own making
____ ____ either passively let specific solutes diffuse through a membrane spanning channel in their interior or actively pump them through
transport proteins
The ____ ____ bind extracellular substances, such as hormones, that can trigger change in cell activities.
receptor protiens
multicelled organisms have _____ ____ that are unique identity tags for each species
recognition protiens
______ ______ help cells of the same type locate each other and remain in the proper tissues.
adhesion protiens
______ _____ form channels that match up across the plasma membrane s of two cells. They let signals and substances rapidly flow from the cytoplasm of one into another
communication proteins
A ____ _____ is a differnce in the number per unit volume of molecules (or ions) of a substance between adjoining regions.
concentration gradient
_____ is the name of the net movement of like molecules or ions down a concentration gradient
An ____ ____ is simply a difference in electric charge between adjoining regions
electric gradient
A ____ ____ is a difference in pressure exerted per unit volume between two adjoining regions.
pressure gradient
_____ _____ is the action of the membrane allowing some molecules to pass freely though, and denying entry to others.
selective permeability
In ____, a molecule is transported into the membrane by the sinking inward to allow entry
In ______, a molecule exits the cell by a vesicle fusing with the plasma membrane, and the contennts are released to the inside.
Give two examples of active transport.
calcium pump, sodium potassium pump.
___ ___ is the mass movement of one or more substances in response to pressure, gravity, or another force.
bulk flow
_____ is the diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane., to a region where the water concentration is lower.
____ _____ is a solution with a lower level of solutes that the solution it is compared to