Osmosis Egg Lab Report

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Fausto B. Mariano L. Daniel E. Diego R.
Ms. Gudiño
Science 3B

Lab Report Osmosis

-Research Question:
How will uncovering the egg shell by exposing the egg to vinegar will make it possible to understand the osmosis process in action?

-Background information
Diffusion: It's the net movement of molecules down a concentration gradient. This process allows small molecules like water and carbon dioxide to cross the Plasma Membrane. (Movement of dense areas to less dense areas.)

-Osmosis: The process were small enough molecules such as water pass freely through the membranes.
-Isotonic: Isotonic is the term used to identify when the osmotic concentration of two solution are equal.

-Hypertonic: When solutions have unequal osmotic concentrations,the solution with the higher osmotic concentration is referred as the
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2.Post water with dye exposure: The egg membran has absorved a significant amount of the solution leading to the conclusion that the outer solution was hypertonic to the egg’s inner solution. Just as in the vinegar exposure the diffuse process started but in this case the difference was really noticeable. The egg’s membrane felt like a elastomer, the egg’s membrane also acquired the dye’s

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