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microtuble functions in all cells include being a ________ for organelles and secretory vesicles, helping to __________, and forming the ________ along which________.

1. highway

2. form the ER

3. mitotic spindle

4. chromosomes move during mitosis

in specialized cells microtubles can be found as ______, which ________, or ______ which help the cell ______.

1. cilia

2. move things over cells

3. flagella

4. move

microtubles can help move the placement of _______. they can also ________

golgi apparatus

transport membrane-bound organelles in cell

in the mitotic spindles _____ act as the spindle poles


in cilia, the MTOC acts as _______

basal body

cilia have functions in both the ______ where it ______ and the ______ where it ______.

1. throat

2. moves particles

3. oviduct

4. moves eggs

How does MTOC function in neurons?

microtubules are made of _______, which include _______ subunits.

1. tubulin dimers

2. alpha and beta subunits

both alpha and beta have ______ attached to them


new dimers add to the _____ end of the protofilaments

+ end

GTP _______ the entire Microtubule. When the cap is lost, _________ happens. This is called ________.


2. rapid shrinking

3. dynamic instability

how is a protofilament rescued?

by adding alpha/beta GTP cap back on

what is taxol and how does taxol work?

taxol is a cancer drug that stabilizes microtubules against depolymerization and therefore prevents mitosis

______ are the origins of microtubules, there is a pair of ______ surrounded _________by nucleating sites of _________ that the positive ends grow from.



pericontriolar material

gamma-tubulin ring complexes

_________ initiates new microtubules. They _______.

gamma-TURCs, they "cap" the (-) end.

microtubules are ______ in interphase and ______ in mitosis



in mitotic cells, ________ causes shorter microtubules, where in interphase ________.

tubulin GTPase activity causes catastrophe

there is less catastrophe

the difference in microtubule polymerization and depolymerization is ________ in interphase and mitotic cells. The rate of catastrophe is ______ in mitotic cells.


5x greater