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what is the product of glycolysis?

2ATP and pyruvate

most molecules can enter the mitochondria through ____ in the outer membrane, but need ____ to pass through the inner mitochondrial membrane.

1. porin

2. specific permeases

The H+ concentration increases in ______

the inner membrane space

______ takes hydrogen ions and converts to ATP

atp synthase

what is the final protein in the electron transport chain?

cytochrome oxidase

______ let's ATP out of mitochondria and ADP in

ADP-ATP antiporter

why is there so much folding in mitochondria?

higher surface area = greater production of ATP

cyanide is deadly because it binds to ______. This causes the electrochemical gradient to ______ and therefore ________ does not function.

1. cytochrome oxidase

2. decay

3. ATP synthase

______ is a specialized mitochondria lipid that is synthesized on the _________ and is _______% of mitochondrial lipids and has ___ fatty acid tails. It's purpose is to _________.

1. Cardiolipin

2. inner mitochondrial membrane

3. 20%

4. 4 tails

5. decrease membrane permeability to protons

______% of mitochondrial proteins are imported from ________



mitochondrial import signal sequence is ______ amino acids long, must be at the ____ terminus and is a _______ with ____________.

1. 20-80

2. N terminal

3. helix

4. positive one side, negative the other

when mitochondrial proteins are imported, first they are ________ which requires ________ and then _______ binds.

1. unfolding

2. ATP

3. HSC70

The translocation channel contains two complexes, ______ and _______. In the matrix, proteins associated with _______. then _____ clips off the mitochondrial ss and the protein _____.

1. TOM

2. TIM

3. mito-HSP70

4. protease

5. folds back up

mitochondrial proteins undergo _____ import


Mitochondrial genome is ______ shaped and lacks ______.

1. circular

2. histones