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What is the primary innervation of the hamstrings?
Sciatic nerve
L4 through S3
What is the primary innervation of the quadraceps?
Femoral Nerve
What muscles make up the hamstrings?
biceps femoris
How is one's ability to move their foot affected by the peroneal nerve injury?
Loss of dorsiflexsion
Name the 4 major contents:

Superior mediastinum
Middle mediastinum
Posterior mediastinum
Anterior mediastinum
Superior mediastinum - thymus, great vessels, esophagus, and trachea

Middle mediastinum - heart

Posterior mediastinum - descending aorta and esophagus

Anterior mediastinum - thymus
What 3 major arterial trunks arise from the aorta to feed the abdominal viscera?
Celiac trunk
sup mesenteric a
inf mes a
What artery supplies the sigmoid colon?
inf. mes a
What artery supplies the small intestine?
sup mes a and celiac trunk (proximal duod)
What artery supplies the transverse colon?
sup mes a
What artery supplies the stomach?
celiac trunk
What are the 3 signs of portal hypertesnion in terms of portocaval shunts involved?
1. Gastric shunt --> esophageal varicies

2. Caput medusa --> periumbilicus shint

3. anorectal veins --> hemorrhoids
What is the triad for peritonitis?
rebound tenderness
abdominal muscle rigidity
severe pain
Name the layers of the speratic cord going from most superficial to the deepest layer?
Superficial fascia
external spermatic fascia
cremastor muscle
internal speratic fascia
loose connective tissue
from what artery does the ovarian artery directly originate?
compare Brocha's aphasia and Wernicke's aphasia in terms of flucency and speech comprehension
Brocas - You can understand things but cannot speak

Wernicke - You just babble - aka Word Salad, speak but make no sense, also poor comprehension
What artery supplies the lateral cerebral cortex?
middle cerebral artery
What artery supplies the medial cerebral cortex?
Anterior cerebral artery
Name the 5 signs/symptoms associated with transient ischemia invilving vertebral artery insufficiency
1. vertigo
2. diplopia
3. ataxia
4. facial muscle weakness
5. nausea
What cranial nerve functions in:
7 and 9
What cranial nerve functions in:
What cranial nerve functions in:
What cranial nerve functions in:
movement of trapezus muscle
What cranial nerve functions in:
facial expressions
What cranial nerve functions in:
sensory transmission form viscera
What cranial nerve is served by the Edinger-Westphal nucleus?
What cranial nerve is served by the inferior salivory nucleus?
What cranial nerve is served by the dorsal motor nucleus?
What part of the striatum atrophies in Huntington's syndrome?
Caudate and putamen
what brainstem area is lost in parkinson's disease?
Substania nigra
What part of the basal ganglion is the site of copper accumulation in Wilson's disease?
Lentiform nucleus
What 2 structures comprise the part of the basal ganglion?
putamen and globus pallidus
The thalamus receives all sensory input except for this one type of sensory input. What is it?
What part of the brainstem is destroyed in Wallenberg syndrome and what artery infarcts to bring this about?
Lateral medulla

Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
If contralateral body pain and temperature sensation is lost what spinal tract has been injured?
spinothalamic tract
What occurs to the body if the corticospinal tract is damaged?
Loss of motor function and spastic sporalisis results
What lesion is the muscle weakness and loss of sensation in the right arm?
CVA accident
left middle cerebral a
What lesion if the muscle weakness and loss of sensation is in the left leg?
Think CVA accident
- right side of brain
- Right Ant cerebral artery
What lesion if loss of sensation over the buttocks and perineum along with loss of bowel control?
Causa Equina syndrome
What dermatomes are for:
great toes
anus - S5
umbilicus - T10
great toes - L4
What disorder exists if an L5 transverse process articulates or is fused with the sacrum?
What gene is responsible for producing gp41 and gp120 in HIV?
EMV gene
What gene is responsible for producing p24
GAG gene
What gene is responsible for producing reverse transcriptase in HIV?
What is p24
HIV core capsid
used as a serum marker
determines the viral load
What comma shaped organism is known to cause rice water stool and is transmitted via contaminated water
vibrio chorea