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PA Projection
Extend chin
Shoulders down and forward
Stand straight
Hands on hips with palms out
Why PA projection ?
Keeps the heart out of the foreground. Reduces heart magnifiction
Where should CR be centered ?
T - 7
Three steps of patient prep. ?
1. Verify patient
2. Explain procedure
3. Have patient put on a gown and remove opaque objects
SID ( Source to image) inches ?
72 inches
Cassette size and position ?
14 X 17 (usually transverse for a man because of wider chest.
KVp setting ?
110 - 120 KVp
Top of cassette or light field should be where ?
1 to 2 inches above shoulders
Breathing instructions ?
Two deep breaths and hold - shoot on second full inspiration.
Evaluation criteria ?
8 to 10 ribs
full apices (top of lungs)
full costophrenic angles (bottom)
Scapula out of lung field
Clavicles equal distance
Why upright position ?
1. Prevents engorgement of vessels
2. lets organs and diaphram settle
3. Allows for biiger lung expansion.
Shielding used ?
Apron to cover gonad area.
Left Lateral Position
Left side against film

Arms above head

Center CR thorax or T - 7
Lordotic Position
45 degree lean backwards with shoulders on film.
Portable CXR position ?
Supine position
Use Grid ?
Yes, to clean up scatter radiation