Clinical Appearance Essay

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• Clinical Appearance
This refers to any specific signs and symptoms that are related to the development of an infection or disease. The appropriate description of the clinical appearance often leads to a diagnosis of the illness.

• Stained culture/histology examination
False coloration of a substance to aid in the inspection of tissues, microorganisms, or other cells under a microscope.

• Tests for antibodies to the microorganism
Antibody tests rely on on the fact that there are specific antibodies for each antigen and each one can be used to determine the presence of the other. For example, a known antigen can be added into a blood sample and if the matching antibody exists in the sample, they will bind together. These tests are typically done on serum but other bodily fluids, tissues, and fecal matter can also be used.

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An echocardiogram is a test that uses sound waves to generate pictures of the heart. The picture and information it can provide is much more detailed than a standard x-ray and does not expose you to any radiation.

4. X-ray
X-rays are a type of radiation that is called electromagnetic waves. X-rays create pictures of the inside of the body. The most common reason for an x-ray is checking for any broken bones, but can also be used to check for pneumonia. Mammograms use x-rays to check for breast cancer.

Part 2
ELISA test detects and measures the antibodies in blood. The test can be used to determine if you have any antibodies that are related to certain infectious diseases. To perform the test the antigens are fixed onto a plastic surface, then a sample is added and any antibodies for the disease that is being testing for will bind to the antigens. Then a second antibody with a marker is added and a positive reaction is detected if the marker changes color when a substrate is added. If no antibodies are in the sample, the second antibody will not be able to stick and the marker will not change

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