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Where is DNA found within a cell?

In the nucleus
True or false - chromosomes are usually found in groups of 4?

False - they are found in pairs

What is a gene?

A short length of a chromosome which controls a characteristic e.g hair colour

What are alleles?
Different versions of the same gene
How many chromosomes are found in a standard human cell?
23 pairs
How many chromosomes are found in a sperm or egg cell?
23 single
What are the male sex chromosomes?
What are the female sex chromosomes?
What does homozygous mean?
You have two alleles the same for a certain gene.
What does heterozygous mean?
You have two alleles that are different for a certain gene.
If you inherited the gene for blue eyes from your mum and brown eyes from your dad, which are you likely to have and why?
You are more likely to have brown eyes as the brown eye gene is dominant and the blue eye gene is recessive
Apart from you genes what else affects the way you are?
The environment (diet, upbringing etc)
What is a clone?
Genetically identical organisms
Is the gene for cystic fibrosis dominant or recessive?
Is the gene for Huntingtons disorder dominant or recessive?
What are the symptoms of Huntintons disorder?
Shaking, erratic body movements and mental deterioration
What are stem cells?
Stem cells are cells that can change their role to beome any type of cell
Why are stem cells useful?
They could be used to cure many diseases and injuries
Why are people against using stem cells?
They are taken from embryos and some people feel that it is not right to terminate the life of an unborn child