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What is the main advantage of a magneto ignition system over a battery ignition system for an aircraft reciprocating engine ?

A magneto has its own source of electrical energy, and it is not dependent upon the battery.

What is the function of the capacitor in a magneto ?

The capacitor minimizes arcing at the breaker points, and its speeds up the collapse of the primary current as the breaker points open.

What is a compensated magneto cam, and on what kind of engine is one used ?

A compensated cam is a special cam used in magnetos mounted on high-performance radial engines. The cam has one lobe for each cylinder, and the lobes are ground in such a way that the breaker points open when the pistons in the different cylinders are the same linear distance from top center.

What is the significance of the numbers on what kind of engine is one used ?

These numbers are the sparking order of the magneto, not the firing order of the engine.

What happens in a magneto ignition system when the ignition switch is placed in the OFF position ?

The primary circuit is connected to ground.

What is the reason for having a low-tension ignition system on some aircraft ?

Low-tension magnetos are used on aircraft that fly at high altitudes where there is a problem with flash-over in the high-tension magneto distributor.

What is the basic difference between a low-tension magneto and a high-tension magneto ?

The low-tension ignition system has only one coil in the magneto, and it uses a carbon-brush-type distributor. Low voltage is distributed to high-tension transformers that are located on the heads of each cylinder.

A high-tension magneto produces high voltage in the magneto coil, and it is sent to the correct spark plug by the built-in high-voltage distributor.

What is meant by an All Weather spark plug ?

A shielded spark plug that has a recess in the shielding in which a resilient grommet on the ignition lead forms a watertight seal.

What is meant by the reach of a spark plug ?

The length of the threads on the spark plug that screw into the cylinder head.

What is the difference between a hot spark plug and a cold spark plug ?

A hot spark plug has a long path for the heat to travel between the nose core insulator and the spark plug shell. In a cold spark plug, thr heat has a shorter distance to travel, and the spark plug operates cooler than a hot spark plug.

What is checked when a magneto is internally timed ?

Internally timing a magneto consists of adjusting the breaker points so they will open at the instant the rotating magnet is in its E-gap position, and the distributor rotor is in the position to direct the high voltage to cylinder number one.

What is the purpose of a vernier coupling used on some aircraft magneto drives ?

Magnetos that are base mounted must have a vernier coupling between the magneto drive and the engine. This vernier coupling allows the magneto-to-engine timing to be varied in increments of less than one degree.

What is the advantage of fine-wire spark plugs over massive electrode spark plugs ?

Fine-wire spark plugs have a firing end that is more open than that of a massive electrode spark plug. The open firing end allows the gases that contain lead to be purged from the spark plug so they will not form solid lead contaminates.

Why is it important that the spark plugs be kept in numbered holes in a tray when they are removed from an engine ?

Spark plugs tell a good deal about the internal condition of the cylinders from which they were taken. By knowing the cylinder from which each spark plug came, the mechanic can takr the proper action when a spark plug indicates such conditions as detonation or overheating.

What is the purpose of staggered timing between the two magnetos on an aircraft engine ?

Engines in which the exhaust gas scavenging from the cylinders is uneven use staggered ignition timing. The spark plug nearest the exhaust valve, where the fuel-air mixture is diluted, fires before the spark plug on the intake side.

By using staggered timing, the flame front caused by the two spark plugs will meet in the center of the piston.

In what position should the ignition switch be placed when using a timing light on the magnetos ?

In the Both position.

Why is it important that a torque wrench always be used when installing spark plugs in an aircraft engine ?

If the spark plugs are not put in tight enough, there is the possibility of a poor seal, and if they are puy in too tight, there is danger of cracking the insulation.

Why are pressurized magnetos used on most reciprocating-engine-powered aircraft that fly at high altitudes ?

Pressurized air is a better insulator than less dense air. By pressurizing the distributors, the high voltage is kept from arcing across to the wrong electrode and causing vibration and loss of engine power.

What type of ignition system is used on most turbine engines ?

High-intensity, intermittent-duty, capacitor discharge ignition systems.

What is meant by the E-gap in magneto timing ?

The E-gap angle is the position of the rotating magnet when the primary current flowing in the magneto coil is the greatest. The breaker points open when the rotating magnet is in its E-gap position.

What is the function of an impluse coupling ?

An impulse coupling is a spring-driven coupling between the magneto and the engine. When the engine is being started, the impulse coupling holds the rotating magnet until the piston passes over its top center position and starts down. The impulse coupling releases the magnet and the spring spins it fast so that it produces a hot and late spark.

What kind of gage should be used to measure the electrode gap in aircraft spark plugs ?

A round wire gage.

How many ignition systems are used in most turbine engines ?


What are two types of ignition systems used in turbine engines ?

High-voltage systems and low-voltage systems.

With whichtupe of ignition system is a glow plug igniter used ?

A low-voltage system.

How is the strength of the magnet in a magneto checked ?

The magneto is put on a test stand and rotated at a specified speed.

The breaker points are held open and the primary current is measured.

The strength of the magnet determines the amount of primary current.

In what position is the magnet in a magneto when the greatest change in flux density in the coil core takes place ?

It is a few degrees beyond its neutral position.

When it is in this position, the breaker points open and the primary current is interrupted.

The flux change in the coil core is the greatest.

In what position is the magnet in a magneto when the breaker points begin to open ?

In its E-gap position, just a few degrees beyond its neutral position.

What malfunction in the ignition system would cause an aircraft reciprocating engine to continue to run after the ignition switch is placed in the Off position ?

The ignition switch is not grounding the magneto primary circuit.

What turns on the autoignition system in a turbo-prop engine ?

A torque pressure switch energizes the system when the engine stops producing torque.