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How long was Kiki Smith in Hartford Art School for?

18 months

Art relating to the women's movement was referred to as --------- art.


What new form of technology helped influence this art movement?

video art

Who influenced the thought of "war on terror" into all of her peices?
Shirin Neshat
what generation was Cindy Sherman part of?
Baby Boomer Generation
-------------- Movement grew along with feminism in art in the late 60s and 70s.
Women's Liberation
What era was strongly influenced by Marxism?
Social Realism
What was the first work by a 20th centyry Mexican artist evwer purchased by an internationally renowned museum, the Louvre?
The Frame
Casein, which is a protein-based substance derived from -------, was used by --------- in his painting of Harriet Tubman.

milk, Jacob Lawrence

Which painting was not by Grant Wood
Stone City of Iowa
Andy Warhol's most well known art piece is his design of which soup can?
In Hamilton's painting Portrait of a woman as an artist, the woman is --------.

his wife

Where was pop art developed?


Which pop artist won the Wolf Prize in Arts Award?
Claes Oldenburg
Where did the Minimalist movement originate?
New York
Who founded the Judd Foundation?
Conceptualism is an extension of what art movement?
What artist in the Conceptual era is famous for Geometric Structures?
Sol LeWitt
What movie did Ron Mueck make puppets for?
What helped realist artists make more realistic sculptures?
--------------- is the artist during the era of abstraction art who concentrated on the square because he believed it was the shape furthest removed from nature and was known for his piece titled "Study of HOmage to the Square."
John Albers
What era of art is an emphasis on dynamic energetic gesture, in contrast to a reflective cerebral focus on more open fields of color?
David Smith was influenced by --------