Dirty Commerce: Art Work, By Julia Bryan-Wilson

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The feminist innovations as a whole made it possible for women to be considered as much important as the dominant culture which is men; it also helped advance women's rights. All together with feminist theories and activist, the feminist innovative artists have given chances for women in art. Lacy has plenty of work to show for along with ideas that promote gender being relevant in art, the connections between gender and art, and the different aspects of gender still being an issue in art. A woman name Julia Bryan-Wilson, who is an associated professor in the Department of History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley. Bryan-Wilson teaches modern and contemporary art, with a focus on art since the 1960’s; her research interest includes theories of artistic labor, feminist and queer theory, collaborative practices, performance, craft histories, video, photography, and visual culture of the nuclear age (UC Berkeley History of Art Department). As I interpreted an essay that she had written named “Dirty Commerce: Art Work and Sex work since the 1970s”. Her article covers different subjects and issues, such as feminism and prostitution, prostitutes in art, women critics, and women performance artist.

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