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What is the purpose of the Army safety Program?
To safeguard and
preserve Army resources worldwide (to include Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Army property) against accidental loss.
What Army Publication covers the Army Safety Program?
AR 385-10
What are the two categories of responsibilities in AR 385-10?
Specific and General.
What are the steps to Composite Risk Management?
(1) Identify hazards.
(2) Assess hazards to determine risk.
(3) Develop possible countermeasures and make risk decisions.
(4) Implement controls.
(5) Supervise and evaluate.
What is Strategic Safety Planning?
The method by which units achieve their safety goals.
What are the 5 core functions of the Army Safety Management System?
1. Program Management
2. Training and Promotion
3. Inspections and assessments
4. Mishap and reporting investigations
5. Hazard analysis/countermeasures
What is an Army Accident?
a. Occupational illness to Army military or DA Civilian personnel.
b. Injury to on-duty DA Civilian personnel.
c. Injury to Army military personnel on and off duty.
d. Damage to Army property.
e. Damage to public or private property and/or injury or illness to non-Army personnel caused by Army operations
(the Army had a causal or contributing role in the accident)
What publication is used to report an Army Accident?
DA PAM 385-40
What is the purpose of the Army Safety Awards Program?
To recognize outstanding work in the field of safety by individuals and by units.
After consuming alcohol, how long must someone wait before operating a motor vehicle?
Vehicle operators will not operate a vehicle for 8 hours after consuming intoxicating beverages or longer if residual effects remain.
What accounts for the majority of accidents?
What is the purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Program?
To reduce the risk of accidental losses, injuries, and occupational illness to the military and DA Civilian
How often should a supervisor do a visual safety inspection?
Each time the supervisor or an employee enters the workplace.
What publication covers Mishap Risk Management?
DA Pam 385-30