Forest And Grassland Supervisor And Leadership Team Members (FGLT)

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Forest & Grassland Supervisor and Leadership Team Members (FGLT)

Members are responsible for safety throughout the Forest & Grasslands and implementation of the Forest & Grasslands Safety program on their respective units. They shall provide leadership, direction, and enforcement of the safety program. The Forest and Grassland Supervisor and leadership team shall provide support and leadership in accident investigations, safety meetings, inspections, and safety training for all employees. The FGLT is responsible for the administration of the safety award program.

Leadership Team members are also responsible for establishing and updating Unit Safety Plans and existing Job Hazard Analysis (JHA’s) at
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Implementing the USFS Safety Codes, the NNF&G Safety and Occupational Health Program and District Safety Plans.
b. Developing additional safety and occupational health requirements necessary to control hazards and resource losses for which there is no prescribed or established safety and occupational health standard or procedures. (Refer to Section 5: Safety Management Principle 2 below.)
c. Providing “on-the-ground” operational safety support to field units on work projects and activities.
d. Responsible for maintaining and updating the respective unit safety plans in conjunction with the respective line officer, as stated in FGLT responsibilities.
e. Reporting all unsafe working conditions, behavior, or other safety deficiencies to the Unit Manager within 24 hours.
f. Maintain records of all safety meetings/session that occur on the district, including tailgate sessions.
g. Ensure that safety topics are discussed at least once a month at the unit staff meetings.
h. Ensure that all job hazard analyses (JHA) are up to date and that you either have a copy of them or they are readily available to

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