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Chinese Executive
National Party Congress - Central Committee - Politburo - Standing COmmittee - Chairman/General Secretary - Secretariat - Central Commission for Discipline Inspection - Stae Council - Premier/Wen Jaibo - leadership small groups - cadres.
Chinese State Instituions
Central Military Commission - Ministry of Public Security - Penal System - "people's Court" system - Citizen mediation committees - capital punishment - rule by law vs. rule of law - deventralization - Village government.
Chinese Policy-making process
fragmented authoritarianism - leading party group - cadre list - guanxi
Chinese Political Culture, Citizenship, and Identity
Mao Zedony Thought - Deng Xiaping Theory - Four Cardinal Principles - Inmportant thought of the three represents - autonomous regions - Dalai Lama (tibet)
Chinese Interests, Social Movements, and Protests
Patron-clent politics - mass organizations - All china Women's Federation - All China Federation of Trade Unions - Chinese NGO's - danwei system - "Polish disease" - Falun Gong
Nigeria Government
prebendalism, Nigerian Nat'l Petroleim Corportation - Supreme Court, six zones, goverrnors forums - Loyalty pyramid, big men - "federal character", National Political Reform COnference.
Nigerian Rep. and Participation
Supreme Military COuncil, Small boys - Nigerian labor Congress, "pirate capitalists - patrimonialism
Nigerian Party System and Elections
Parties by decree - G-34 - People's Democratic Party - Alliance for Democracy - All National People's Party - 5% rule (going to 7) - Congerence of Nigerian Political Parties.
Nigerian political Economy and Development
Vision 2010/NEEDS - shari'a - MOSOP - EXOWAS/EXOMOG - OPEC - AU
Iranian Political Economy and Development
Rentier State - Dual Society - Gharbzadegi - Wretched of the Earth - OPEC