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Marx and Engels

The communist manifesto






-Use and exchange value

-Wage Lbor



-Mode of Production/Relations of Production

-Driving force of history?

-proletariat takeover?

-Motive of transformation/

-Basis of class differences? economic


The Devil and Commodity Fetishism




-Commodity Fetishism


- Critical Anthropology


-Critical= understanding our own biases

-Should fetishism be a given -REASON HE THINKS IT EMERGED

-Commodities have agency, in what way do we experience commodities having agency

A: Through the devil the peasants express critique to capitalism and that it does drive people into poverty, Capital is not inherently productive. NOT LEVELING MECHANISM


Sweet Lullaby for World Music




-What are the two narratives of globalization that Feld identifies and what is his critique?

-What does world music have to do with power, imperialism, and exploitation? What is the importance of the figure of the arranger in analyzing question of possession and exploitation for Feld?

- How does oral history get constituted as a body of work/media that at once belongs to everyone and no one?


Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn


-Experimental ethnography




-How does Brown cite Geertz as important to her interpretive approach?

-In what ways does Brown use her own background and experiences to inform her ethnography?

-How do reflexivity and participant observation enter as important concepts in her work?

- How do Brown's writing choices reflect her attempt to grapple with both history and ritual?


-The Mad Masters


-Visual or sensory ethnography


- What is unique about visual ethnography? What can film do that tex cannot and vice-versa?

- How does the ritual presented in The Mad Masters satirize European colonization


Doing Justice to Someone: Sex Reassignment and Allegories of Transsexuality

-Regimes of truth

-Politics of recognition

-Coherent Gender



-Gender coherence

-Norms- anxiety around gender performance

- Money and Diamond's views Money: anatomy defines gender

-How are Diamond and Money's view opposed? What do they share, according to Butler?

-What is coherent gender? What about incoherent gender?

-How are gender norms policed? Think about enforcement of a regime of gender truther

-What does Butler mean by exceeding the norm? How does she discuss human value here?


The Five Sexes:

-Sexes, intersex


-Politics of recognition

- Sex and gender complicated? By these author's?

- What argument is made in revisited text?


Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

-Strong and weak




-What are some of the effects of language use that Thomson highlights?

-Explain Whorf's argument, through Thomson, on the relation between words/grammatical structure and the shaping of reality. You may want to consider the discussion on language and time here


Kind-Making: The Case of Child Abuse

-Kinds, interactive kinds


-Scientific knowledge


-What are interactive kinds? How does child abuse illustrate this concept in the article?

-Why does hacking describe "kind making" in terms of a process of molding, instead of social construction.

-Discuss Hacking's notion of self-knowledge. In worlds reconstituted by kinds, how is consciouness not raised but changed?


"A Digital Image of the Category of the Person"

-Categories of personhood

-"Objective self-fashioning"


-How we participate in legitimation of facts.

-How is accountability/responsibility configured in objective self-fashioning?

-How dus Dumit point to the importance of instruments and objects which produce evidence? What is the significance of objective represtenations of one's self or some aspec of one's self?




Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison





-What is disciplinary power? how does it contrast to specatular forms?

-Shift between punishment and discipline