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Who first introduces the idea of an animal-controlled society to the farm animals?
Old Major
After Old Major’s death, which of these characters take a leadership position on the farm?
Which of these animals is least enthusiastic about life on the farm after the Rebellion?
How does Moses attempt to placate the animals?
By telling them stories of Sugarcandy Mountain
The Seven Commandments are eventually reduced to an altered version of which one of the original commandments?
The Seventh Commandment
Napoleon symbolizes which of the following figures in the Bolshevik Revolution?
Mollie is upset with the changes in Animal Farm after the animals evict Mr. Jones because:
She misses sugar cubes and hair ribbons
The animal who best symbolizes the proletariat in the novel is:
What is the name of the philosophy inspired by Old Major’s vision and developed by the pigs?
Old Major was able to observe the inequities on the farm because:
He was a show animal with leisure time
At the end of the novel, Boxer is rewarded for years of loyal service by:
Being sold to the slaughterhouse
The animal who is skeptical of Animal Farm, but is equally as pessimistic about life under any alternate form of leadership, is:
The windmill is destroyed how many times in the novel?
The animal that is driven from Animal Farm but allowed to return at the end of the novel is:
What does Napoleon do that enrages the hens?
Sells their eggs
When the animals complain that the pigs are sleeping in beds, which violates the Seven Commandments, how does Squealer explain away this apparent inconsistency?
By changing the Commandment to prohibit sleeping in a bed with sheets
How do the animals gain proof that Squealer has been changing the Commandments?
They see Squealer changing the writing on the barn wall
Which of these things is not something the pigs do that make them seem like humans at the end of the novel?
Eat meat
After liberating the farm in the Battle of Cowshed, which of these things do the animals destroy in a bonfire?
tools and whips
Which animals are used by Napoleon as a way of intimidating the other animals?
The dogs