Animal Farm Napoleon Character Analysis

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The story of Animal Farm is not just the the tale of animals following a set of dictated rules in order to be liberated from the so called evil Mr. Jones. Rather the tale seeks to use the character of Mr. Jones to mask the underlying villain, Napoleon, and their character’s allegorical meaning during Russia’s attempt towards westernization. George Orwell, in Animal Farm, criticizes the totalitarian rule of Napoleon the pig, whom mirrors the rule of Joseph Stalin over communist Russia, along with his fellow evil dwelling comrades. Orwell uses the characteristics of Napoleon to reflect his villainous condemnations towards the animals of the farm, and Napoleon’s dominion over the animals to mask his false justification over the facade of Mr. Jones.
One example which reflects the spark of Napoleon 's evil dominion over the animals is the justification over the use of apples and milk reserved only for the use of the pigs. This action signifies the underlying desires of Napoleon, as he begins to take advantage of the animals with laborious work schedules in
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Jones, but is only adopting Jones’ habits and implementing them on a higher scale. With the abuse inflicted towards the animals in order to fulfill their personal needs, Napoleon continues his role as the enemy in Animals Farm, although it is not made clear to the animals until towards the end of the novel. The overall actions taken by Napoleon, enhances Orwell’s literary work by completing Orwell’s expression of disgust towards Stalin’s tyrannical and corrupt regime. The actions of Napoleon which mirror those of Stalin, enhances the literary work’s meaning by describing the villainous works of Stalin which were criticized in the novel, into a fictional setting. Being able to comprehend the allegorical context of the novel, helps express Orwell’s disgust towards the abuse of the Russian

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