Significance Of Stalin In Animal Farm By George Orwell

During Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia, communism was the main political movement that was at its peak during Stalin’s rule. George Orwell portrays this exact same situation in his novel Animal Farm. In the novel, Orwell basically depicts this exact same scenario but with animals as symbolic representations of real people in Stalin’s Russia. In Orwell’s novel, the animal that is the symbolic representation of Stalin is a pig named Napoleon. Orwell was very clever in this selection of an animal to represent Stalin because pigs are known to be very clever and cunning, like Stalin was in his time. One example of how Orwell incorporates this idea into his text is when he says that the pigs were so clever that “[t]hey could think of a …show more content…
One way that Orwell portrays the pigs in this way is when he says that because of the pigs superior knowledge “[i]t was natural that they should assume the leadership” (Orwell 27-28). The importance behind this quote is major because this quote displays how the pigs are able to take power as quickly as they do because of their superior knowledge over the other animals on the farm. Another example of the pig’s rise to power is shown when they begin to control what should become of the rebellion, like equality and to never go into Mr. Jones’ house, by splitting the animals into working groups and even claiming part of the house for themselves. The pigs also display their immediate control when they begin to claim the majority of crops as well as part of the house, for themselves. This shows the pig’s seizing control very clearly because it shows that the pigs, with their superior knowledge, are taking advantage of the other animals by making them do all of the hard work to harvest crops just to take it away from them without the animals even thinking twice about it. Orwell also displays the reason for the pig’s rise to power when he states that the pigs are so clever “[t]hat they could think of a way around every difficulty” (Orwell 27). This is an important quote because it shows how the pig’s were able to seize power as fast as they did because of how clever they were compared to the other animals on the farm. The pigs also display their power that they have taken on when they create the seven commandments for the farm, which makes the animals realize that Snowball and Napoleon are the leaders behind this

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